It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here!

Nothing makes me happier than the World Cup.  Set to kick-off in Brazil this Thursday, the race is on for futball fans everywhere to finally upgrade the storage space on their Tivos. If you’re a casual soccer fan who will just watch a few games, or a die-hard who will watch every game, read on, I’ve included a little something for everyone.

USA Ranking and The Group of Death

The FIFA/Coca-Cola Ranking table  ranks the USA at 13th in the world, not bad! The USA is in Group G, the Group of Death (oooooh) with Germany (ranked 2nd), Portugal (ranked 4th), and Ghana (ranked 37th). With only two teams advancing from the early rounds, it will be exciting to see if Team USA can upset the Germans or the Portuguese.

World Cup 2014 Groups

Where to Watch

During the 2010 World Cup, Pinterest was just starting out. Fast forward four years to 2014, and Pinterest has a cool board to help you decide where you can watch the game with your favorite food and drink – and no, it isn’t from your cubicle. Check out the Pinterest Map of where to watch the World Cup.

Where to Watch World Cup 2014

What to Watch

Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.  Yes, he’s playing. While I saw no reason for Ronaldo, of Real Madrid, to remove his shirt after his penalty kick  in the UEFA Champions League Cup Final, several female fans (including my daughter) would disagree. Ok, there are other things to watch than just soccer. Bookmark the Portugal Schedule if you are into Ronaldo.  I can promise you he will be shirtless at every opportunity. You’re welcome.

Ronaldo Shirtless

FIFA Official App

This is the first year that the FIFA App is worth downloading. If you have to keep up-to-date with your team or  all of the teams like I do, and don’t have a TV at work, this iPhone/Android App is sure to satisfy your fix.

2014 world cup

Predictions anyone?

Let’s get down to who’s gonna win it all. Will it be the home team favorite, Brazil? The number-one-ranked Spain? Or will Team USA better its 1930 3rd-place finish and win their first ever World Cup? Leave a comment and let us know who you think will take home the cup.