We recognize that these times are uncertain and unpredictable. You can move into the Equity Residential home you want, and know that you have options, if your job situation changes. With our Rent-with-Confidence program, you can choose to cancel your lease within the first 90 days after moving in, if you lose your job. You only pay rent for the time you lived with us. 

Our leasing team members can tell you more about our Rent-With-Confidence program. This offer applies to new residents with leases that start on June 6th through December 31st. 

Residents who wish to exercise this benefit should notify the management team at least 30 days in advance of their move-out date. They must provide the reason for requesting a lease cancellation, provide evidence of job loss, and confirm their expected move-out date. Residents will only pay rent for the number of days they had legal possession of the apartment, as well as damage caused to the apartment beyond normal wear and tear. They may not apply any free rent concessions (for full or partial months) toward their rent payment obligations under this RWC program. Rent includes the total monthly rent amount (base rent plus recurring month charges such as pet rent, covered parking, utilities, washer / dryer, etc.). Although management will retain any non-refundable move-in fee and all fees associated with the application and move-in process, any non-refundable pet fee will be refunded. Residents must be current in their rent at the time of executing this benefit.

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We are implementing measures to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our residents and team members.

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