Unless you live in Southern California or Florida, this winter has been pretty harsh for most of us. And with all of the snow days piling up like the snow on the sidewalks, it’s been pretty tempting to not venture outside. But what to do for supplies, especially if you don’t have a car?

Luckily, we live in an age where virtually anything can get delivered to your apartment, thanks to the Internet. Here’s a list of our favorite apartment delivery services:


Instacart is a new grocery shopping service that will go to your favorite stores for you, and deliver your list to your door, same-day. Even better, Equity Residential residents get ten dollars off, plus free delivery! Use this link to order your groceries now.

Service Area: Boston (ZIP codes 02111, 02114, 02120, 02139, 02140, 02142). More coming soon!


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waitersWaiters on Wheels

Sure, you’ve got the local pizza and Chinese joints on speed dial, but what if you’re craving something unusual, or even upscale? Skip the expensive cab ride and order through Waiters on Wheels. Not in the Bay Area? Grubhub and Seamless both have mobile apps that will let you conjure up nearly any type of food delivered straight to you.

Service Area, Waiters on Wheels: San Francisco Bay. Grubhub & Seamless: Everywhere


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Ok, so you’re well supplied and nourished, but what about your pet? Petflow.com has a huge variety of healthy food and treats for your pets, along with other items you might need, like this pug mouse pad.

You may need to wait a day or two, so stock up on those giant 30-pound bags of food in case this winter lasts another six weeks.

Service Area: Everywhere


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Being stuck at home is a great time to do laundry, but if you’ve got lots of Netflix episodes to catch up on, you may want to leave the laundry to someone else. Hamperville is a service that will come to you, pick up your dirty clothes, and bring them back clean, even if you don’t have a concierge at your building. Just give them a time frame when you’ll be home and clean clothes will magically appear!

Service Area: New York City


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hbloomH. Bloom

Let’s face it, winter is dreary. If you need some color in your apartment but are not quite ready to go outside, sign up for H. Bloom and get a fresh bouquet delivered as often as you like!

Service Area: Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco

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Did we miss your favorite delivery service? Tell us about it in the comments.