Meet Cali, a rescue from Archstone Cronins Landing in Waltham, MA. Cali’s owner Nancy says that this loveable cat truly understands that she has now found her “forever home.”

“I rescued Cali a few years back and I believe she knows that and loves me more for it. Her nickname is Tripod since she only has 3 legs, but you’d never know it the way she hops around the apartment.
Cali is at the door the minute I get home and I can’t sit down without her immediately being on my lap. When I call her my pretty girl, she actually rolls over on her back for me to scratch her belly. I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

Nancy isn’t the only one to discover the joy a rescued pet can bring. The “Why We Rescue” project traveled the country talking to people about their pets, and the difference adopting has had on their lives. You can also check out “Susie’s Senior Dogs,” a Facebook page dedicated to helping senior dogs find new homes.

There are so many pets out there waiting to be rescued. You can search for rescue organizations by location or by breed, or check out ASPCA for adoptable cats and dogs.

Is a rescued pet part of your family? We’d love to hear your story!