I recently became addicted to Downton Abbey. I had never seen a single episode, but this year I decided it was time to check it out.  So what happened?  I ended up binge-watching three seasons!  I’m all caught up and ready for the newest season!

I love finding a new show and binge-watching. In fact, I find that I enjoy that more than watching my weekly episodes. Sometimes I even choose to wait and catch up on my show after the current season has ended.  Who wants to wait a whole week between episodes!

The hard part is avoiding spoilers. I had to take my recent Entertainment Weekly magazine and hide it until I finished season three and could open it without ruining any of the upcoming plot points. Of course, sometimes spoilers can’t be avoided. I read a seemingly innocent article about audio books and saw something about one of the “former” stars of the show – guess I know who’s dying next.

Looking for some new shows? Check out these suggestions:

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Share with us! What is your favorite binge-watching show?  Which show is next on your list?