comfort in style

In one sense, it only took about 24 hours for Brian and Katalina to pull together the warm, stylish look of their Victor on Venice apartment.

“We moved from New York and when you make a cross-country move in one truck, you have to have a pretty serious game plan: what you’re going to take, how you’re going to pack and then how you’re going to put it back together,” Brian says.

In the broader sense, though, it took a lifetime.

The couple, both of whom work in the architectural field, see their apartment as a place where they can surround themselves with reminders of memories and experiences that they love. “The rug itself tells a story and reminds us of a trip we took together,” Brian says. “We bought it from a multigenerational rug maker in Oaxaca, Mexico. All the dyes come from the grinding of flowers and grains to make these natural, brilliant and bright colors.”

victor on venice design

Another eye-catching feature of their apartment is the area set they’ve set aside as an office, which still conveys a sense of home. “The shelf is a really efficient system, but it allows us to personalize the space with things that really speak to us. The shelves and the walls are a scaffolding to support the things that remind us of our past travels and experiences,” Brian says.

Seeing Brian and Katalina’s apartment, it’s clear that you can communicate your style not just through furniture and wall hangings, but by using every part of your apartment – walls, floors, shelves – as a frame to tell your own story. All it takes is 24 hours and a life together building memories.