Last Updated May 27, 2020

Information and Resources for Residents
Equity Residential

In these times of uncertainty, we look to stay connected and share relevant news and information with our residents. Our purpose at Equity: creating communities where people thrive. Now, more than ever, we find ways to support each other, as we navigate this road together.

This web page was created as a resource for our residents, and includes our recent Covid-related communications, along with helpful links to outside resources in areas of Wellbeing, Community Support and Financial Support. Please let us know what else we can do to further support you.

Click any of the links below to access the resources available:


Financial Support

State Resources for Financial Support

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Everyday Reminders

Office hours have changed, but we’re here to help you.
For social distance and safety reasons, we have reduced in-person staffing and contact at our leasing offices, but know that we’re here to help you by email or phone. Please take note of our revised office hours.

Social distance is critically important.
Please don’t congregate in lobbies, hallways and other common areas. As much as possible, maintain six feet of social distance in all areas, including elevators.

Join the conversations and connect virtually with neighbors in your building through the resident portal,

For ideas about indoor activities for you and your family, click here.

Food delivery pick-up in lobby or front entrance
Please pick up your food deliveries in the lobby or at the front entrance, in order to limit visitors in elevators and hallways. If you’re unable to collect deliveries for any reason, please contact your community team for help with a solution.

Prompt package pick-up
With an increased volume in package deliveries, we ask that you pick up your packages promptly. 

Remember your neighbors
Keep a courteous, six-foot distance everywhere and keep voices at normal levels in hallways and in your home. With more of us staying at home, it can get noisy at times. Please honor our no-smoking rule at this community. 

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Stay-at-Home Orders

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Important Maintenance Guidance

Emergency maintenance requests only

As a reminder, we are temporarily deferring non-emergency maintenance requests in order to limit in-person contact and allow us to focus on urgent matters. Emergency requests include issues related to:

  • Life safety
  • Security
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Appliances not working
  • Important lighting and outlets
  • Clogs, leaks, water supply or temperature
  • Pest control

If you’re interested in handling simple, non-emergency tasks on your own, please let us know. We can help you remotely and deliver any supplies you may need to complete the task (eg. plunger, zip-it hair removal drain tool).

Click here for time-saving tips that keep your home in good working order.

Please remember:

  • Don’t overfill your refrigerator or freezer. Refrigerators and freezers will shut down if they’re over packed and don’t have proper air circulation. 
  • Don’t flush paper towels or wipes down the toilet. You’ll clog the toilet. Please have a plunger handy in case of clogs.
  • Proper garbage disposal.  Please separate recycling material from garbage where recycling options are provided. If you have a trash chute at your building, please use the correct chutes for disposal. Make sure garbage bags are tightly sealed. If recycling material is too large for the recycling chute or bin, please bring it to the main trash room or dumpster.

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Wellbeing Support

Helpful websites:

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Community Support

Giving Back
Please consider donating to organizations in your local community, and assisting neighbors in need with grocery and pharmacy pickups, babysitting, and dog walking, to name a few.

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Note: The materials and information referenced are provided for general and informational purposes only.
They are not offered as, and do not constitute, legal advice or legal opinions.