Equity Has Your Back. 


This past year has been especially financially devastating for many families across the United States. With schools reopening after the COVID pandemic, we have a way to help our most vulnerable children start their school year with the resources they need to thrive. 

As One Team, we invite everyone to join together and help provide school supplies to children in need across all our portfolios. Equity Has Your Back partnered with not-for-profit organizations across the US. That means when you donate, your supplies will be distributed locally and benefit children living in your market. 

How do I participate? It’s easy…it’s virtual

This is a virtual collection drive. Donations of backpacks and school supplies will be purchased through various online wishlists and donation sites. Each market will have a unique donation website/link/QR code (see the table below for links).

Tip: If your market has an Amazon Wishlist, check the shipping address. It may default to your home address. You’ll want to be sure to select the charity address. In some markets, items are shipped to Equity addresses rather than a charity address.


Market Donation Link
Arizona Equity Has Your Back – Arizona Team
Augusta  Equity Has Your Back- Augusta Team
Boston Equity Has Your Back- Boston Team
Chicago Equity Has Your Back – Chicago
Denver Equity Has Your Back- Denver Team
DC  Equity Has Your Back- DC Team
Los Angeles Equity Has Your Back- LA Team
Northern California Equity Has Your Back- NoCal Team
New York Equity Has Your Back- New York Team
San Diego Equity Has Your Back- San Diego Team 
Seattle Equity Has Your Back- Seattle Team
Southern California Equity Has Your Back- SoCal Team
Inland Empire Equity Has Your Back- Inland Empire Team