Christa Sorenson

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer

Equity Residential is pleased to announce that Christa Sorenson, the Company’s current Executive Vice President, Human Resources, has had her title changed to Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer. This new title is a reflection of the importance of human capital management in the success of the company’s business. As CEO and President Mark Parrell remarks, “Effective management of our talent is of great importance to the success of our business and upgrading and modernizing this title demonstrates how much we value our employees. Christa will continue capably leading the HR and OTD teams as they support and drive our business.”

Christa joined Equity in 2003, focused on Organizational Development, Leadership, and Succession. In 2020, she will continue to work closely with the Executive Committee to build a culture that supports people and profit. And she’s excited to be the strong female voice in the room. “I really enjoy working as a part of our talented Executive team and appreciate being able to articulate fresh, and diverse viewpoints, or just being able to point out things from a different angle.” Her peers agree. “Christa brings a necessary, and impactful perspective to the Committee. Her ability to influence our business with new and inclusive ideas allows Equity to remain innovative,” says Chief Operating Officer, Michael Manelis.

At the end of the day, however, Christa’s biggest joy and focus will be leading her team and their dedication to creating thriving communities. “We have an outstanding HR team. I’ve worked for and with a lot of companies, but I’ve never worked with one that has such amazing talent.  Our HR team is business-minded and people-forward in equal measure.”