Please join Equity Residential in welcoming Tanya Foster, Equity’s new Diversity & Inclusion Director.

Tanya has worked in the Diversity & Inclusion space for eight years and has developed strategies and initiatives to recruit, develop and retain diverse employees. She has also overseen strategic diversity committees as well as employee resource groups. From the development and management of diversity-related events, communications, and recruiting materials, plus collaboration with practice groups, she has definitely done it all.

“I am excited to join Equity Residential because the organization has momentum for creating a strong Diversity and Inclusion platform,” Tanya says.

Indeed, Diversity and Inclusion is one of the key areas Equity is focused in 2019 and beyond. By hiring a dedicated, experienced practitioner, Equity is elevating itself in our industry and demonstrating its commitment to creating an employee community where employees’ voices are heard and
their unique perspectives fuel creativity and innovation.

As Tanya elaborates, “The principles of fairness and equity embodied by diversity and inclusion are important because they help to create the space for individuals to bring their most authentic selves to work and to have equal access to the support and resources they need to thrive.”

Welcome to Equity, Tanya.