Why buy a rug made of carpet tiles?

From the moment people have a space to call their own, it becomes a canvas to express who
they are, what they value, and how they aspire to live. We help you create a space to live in,
with style you can’t live without.

With just two innovative parts – Carpet Tiles and FLORdots™ – the possibilities are endless.
Creating the room of your dreams can be worry-free with FLOR. No space is off-limits, we have
designed our rugs with your lifestyle in mind. New puppy, harsh weather, kids? No problem,
our rugs play hard and work harder. Swapping out a worn tile is a breeze, gone are the days of
replacing a whole rug.

You can have a beautiful home without sacrificing the things that matter most. Our rugs are
free of harmful chemicals and low on VOCs, making them the safe choice for your home and
the home we all share. Rugs that are high-style and low maintenance? Go ahead, have your
cake and spill a little, too.

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