There’s a new craze sweeping Equity apartments around the nation. And no, it’s got nothing to do with planking, breading your cat, or tiny hamsters. In an effort to build community and give busy residents a night off from cooking, many Equity communities have organized regular food truck nights, where a variety of cuisines can be sampled right in front of your own front door. These trucks are far from the ordinary pizza and burgers. Check out some of the trucks (and menu items) that have visited recently:

 Blendid Organic Shakes, Archstone San Mateo Apartments, San Mateo, CA


Sprinkles make everything better.

 Main Stop Grill, Nexus Sawgrass Apartments, Sunrise, FL


Deep-fried yucca with Thai dipping sauce. Who doesn’t love fried dough?

 Soulnese Food Truck, Lantern Cove Apartments, Foster City, CA


Five Words: Bacon Mac and Cheese Taco.

 The Slider Shack, SoMa Square Apartments, San Francisco, CA


Calling all meat lovers…

If you’re not sure if your community hosts food trucks, check out their Facebook page. We are always updating with the latest community events. Did we miss your favorite truck? Tell us your ideas in the comment section.