A Store Grows in Brooklyn

Imagine being just an elevator away from a full fridge. Or having the world’s largest fruit bowl waiting for you when you get home.

That’s what residents at Equity’s Brooklyner in downtown Brooklyn (natch) will have early in 2013 when Khim’s Millennium Market, a 7,000 square foot organic grocery, opens on the first floor.  Khim’s started in 1998 in the Bushwick neighborhood, and the addition of the Brooklyner location will mark their 10th store -“offering the finest quality of fresh, organic, natural and conventional products for consumption, body, and health” – in the borough.

Part of providing a place people are proud to call home is creating properties that become part of the fabric of a vibrant, lively neighborhood. We listen to what our residents want – in this case, a local grocer with a reputation for exceptional produce – and get to work to making that happen. Whether its day care, a pharmacy or a Zipcar that gets you where you want to go, Equity is always looking to provide retail options that make sense for our customers.

“I noticed a lot of our residents order through Fresh Direct, but this is so much more convenient,” says Lawris Brown, the General Manager at The Brooklyner.  “The addition of this local, organic grocery store will be a great thing for everyone in the neighborhood.”


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