Warmest holiday wishes from Equity Residential! Beginning with Thanksgiving, we want residents and employees to share photos, stories or traditions of how you’re spending the holidays in your Equity home. Use the hashtag #MyEquityHoliday.

We will be showcasing some of our favorites on this page! Happy holiday hashtags!


12.17 –  What a great idea! 



12.12 – I LOVE this idea! Living in an apartment myself, I don’t always have oodles of wrapping paper laying around. Sometimes you need just enough for a last minute gift or two. 



12.11 – Yes. 



12.3 – One lucky resident is getting one small gift each day until Christmas. Someone gets the awesome significant other award!

I’m currently running to the store to get 22 gifts while making up an excuse as to why I didn’t start this on the 1st – because I TOTALLY planned it that way 😉


12.2 – Well if this isn’t fit for a holiday card, I don’t know what is. Very cute Lincoln Heights!




11.26 – Two of our Boston communities collected over 800 pounds of food for a local food bank. We’re so proud and happy to have residents and employees willing to help others!



11.19 - I love this idea to make Thanksgiving leftovers into football snacks!

What I love most about this article is the fact that they are recommending snacks after Thanksgiving dinner. That’s my kind of Thanksgiving! From all day samples (someone has to make sure the menu items aren’t poisoned each year) to full blown Thanksgiving dinner to football snacks?! Sign me up!

(PS- for those who don’t have quite the eating tenacity that I have, all of these recipes can also be used the day or weekend after Thanksgiving. There will still be tons of good football on!)




11.14 – One of our Seattle communities created this creative save the date for their holiday party:



Happy Holidays from Equity Residential!