Introducing Odin Apartments in Seattle, WA

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Knowledge, poetry and fortitude—Odin Apartments pays tribute to Ballard’s Scandinavian roots and its mythological namesake to build a new residential community that is extraordinary both inside and out.

Odin’s architecture is inspired by a geode, a hollow rock with beautiful crystals and coloration inside. When touring, notice how the exterior structure is composed of rugged corten steel and brick. But, just like a geode, there is a noticeable shift in energy and vibrancy as you move through the interior.

The grand lobby, light-filled homes and corridors, and rooftop deck and lounge are the vibrant crystals in this metaphoric geode. At the center, and dividing the two residential towers, is a lush green mews that caters to both socializing and meditating, channeling the dynamic energy.


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