transform a closet
Work/life balance? That’s so 20th century. The phrase today is work/life integration, where you don’t stop one to start the other. Doing both well is still a challenge, but you can make it easier to flow back and forth by having a dedicated home space to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Take the example below from The shelves, magnetic blackboard and storage ottoman are all easily available at local retail outlets.

closet example 1

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Another great resource is The Container Store. Not only do they have a huge assortment of supplies, they’ve got an online guide to walk you through the transformation process (complete with tips from customers who’ve done the DIY project already). Many of their retail stores will also take the dimensions of your closet to help you create a plan, free of charge.

So now you know that creating a D-I-Y workspace is a breeze. Finding that perfect work/life integration mode can still be elusive, but this way you’ll have a beautiful, useful space to give it a try. Even better, when you’re ready to leave the office behind, all you need to do is shut the door to get right to relaxing – no commute required.