Zoey, Foxhill ApartmentsEnfield, CT

A Lady in Waiting
The prospect of a six-month quarantine didn’t stop Kellie and Jared from taking in Zoey, a badly injured 10-week-old kitten who may have been exposed to rabies.  Six months later, Zoey’s got a clean bill of health and, thanks to her owners, a perfect place to dream about her next 8 lives.

Zoey was a rescue kitty. She was found at about 10 weeks old with an injury to her chin and belly. The day I met Zoey she was in rough shape, so I immediately brought her to a vet for treatment. The vet explained that because we didn’t know what caused Zoey’s wounds, it is possible she was attacked by another animal and potentially exposed to rabies. They suggested putting her to sleep unless I was willing to keep her indoors for six months and monitor her closely.  After I agreed to the treatment, Zoey was immediately taken in for emergency surgery to clean and repair her wounds. Zoey is a little over six months old now, which means her quarantine period is nearing an end. Thankfully she has shown no signs of rabies! She is now a happy, healthy kitten who loves playing with toys, climbing everything, and cuddling as much as possible. She has grown up to be a beautiful girl who gets compliments on her looks and personality from everyone who meets her!