Even in sunny Southern California, pools can sometimes need a little extra help to get them to a comfortable temperature for swimming. That’s why at some of our Equity communities, we’re using solar heated pools to keep our residents warm and splashing all year round.

Solar Heated Pools

Bella Vista At Warner Ridge Apartments – 6150 De Soto Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Bella Vista, Kenwood Mews and Versailles are three of the communities in the Southern California area which currently have solar heated pools, with another half dozen or so scheduled in the coming months.

Solar Heated Pools

Skyline Terrace Apartments – 3133 Frontera Way, Burlingame, CA

It’s another step in Equity’s commitment to providing residents with communities that support an eco-friendly lifestyle. In Northern California, three Bay Area properties – Skyline Terrace, Northpark, and Northridge – have converted to solar panels to power their common areas. In a nutshell, this offsets all the carbon that the 1,200 residents of those properties produce on their daily commutes.

Whether indoors or outdoors, harnessing this renewable resource lets us all enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle while still enjoying the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect.