What could be more easy and convenient than online shopping? How about a fast and hassle-free way to pick up your packages once they’ve been shipped!

Two Equity Residential communities, Park West in Los Angeles and Seattle’s Harbor Steps, are offering their residents a way to do just that with the installation of dedicated Amazon package kiosks. Your packages get delivered directly to these locked, secure lockers, freeing you up to pick up your brand-new items when it’s most convenient for you.

Here’s how it works: after you place an order with Amazon, you’ll receive an email or text once the package has been delivered to your community’s kiosk. The email will contain a unique access code that will open the designated door holding your purchases. You can then retrieve your package any time of the day or night, without waiting for a property team member to find it in the mail room or standing in line with your fellow residents who also need to pick up packages at that same time.

Right now, the package kiosks are being piloted by these two communities, with more installations under consideration later this year. Stay tuned to the blog as we continue to explore new package delivery services – we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the latest options.