slot2_picturethis_contestThere’s a lot of talent living in Equity communities across the nation – and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. The Why I Love My Neighborhood contest already has more than 1,200 entries in the first two weeks, with plenty of time to go before the October 11 entry deadline. Remember, you can vote on your favorite photos until midnight, October 18, so be sure to check back often to keep up with all the latest entries.


There are some amazing photos that have already caught our eye:

Street Festival: David Park – The Beatrice, Manhattan

Chinatown Gate: Jessica Bress – 425 Mass, Washington, DC

Color Splash! Christopher Smith – Westgate, Pasadena, CA

Morning on the Metro: Melissa Gurian – Flats at DuPont Circle, Washington, DC

Beacon Hill: Michelle Aguilar Wisniewski – Cambridge Park, Cambridge, MA

So go ahead, take your best shot (and send it in) by October 11 in order to be eligible for prizes!