For anyone living in film focused regions, like around Hollywood, you probably walk down famous movie locations all of the time. As a resident of Equity, you might just be living at one!

Many of our apartment communities are film friendly and we’ve worked with numerous teams that have produced commercials, television, and feature film.

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I love going to the movies but I’m way more interested in the production process. I buy the Blu-Ray copies solely for the behind-the-scenes features. When Star Wars Episode VII was released, I bought it first day and binged watched all of the “making-of” documentaries…It was a very productive day.


As engrossed as I am in the motion-picture industry, don’t think I’ll find myself be involved in a feature film or commercials even. However, I do have a friend who scouts and secures filming locations in the Midwest. It’s always exciting to see places that I recognize and how the film makers utilized or transformed the space.

Tell us in the comments section if you’ve spotted your community in a movie, commercial or TV show!